Info Center

The RBOI-ARMM information center is a resource for learning and acquiring the necesessary materials to enjoy the full benefits of your investments.

Whether you are an existing investor considering new opportunities, or you have just discovered this path; the information center will serve as your guide and roadmap to the latest investment discoveries in the ARMM and an overview of investing in the Philippines, in general.

Basic Facts
Learn about the ARMM to get a feel of the industrial developments in the region. You may even discover untapped investment sectors.

Business Guide
Be right on track with the right information. Read the business guide to learn more on how to get started. Get details on start-up cost and the basics on doing business.

Application Forms

Keep your assets on the right track. Download the required application forms to register your business.

Get the details on developing investment sectors and keep tabs on industry trends in the region so you know where you should focus your attention next.

Download updated reports on the latest industry developments and get a comprehensive view of industry growth and the economic trend in the region.   

Get the latest scope on what's happening in the ARMM and take advantage of opportunities to grow by staying updated on announcements of activites, check the bulletin for career opportunities, read the notice for new projects and get news coverage of important events.